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Real Glutathione

Glutathione is a ubiquitous tripeptide found throughout the human body and in all mammals and insects in the natural world. It plays significant protective roles as a powerful antioxidant as well as in cell signaling and physiological modulation.

Reduced glutathione,(GSH)  has been used in clinical practice with little success. The problem with trying to use GSH clinically is that it is extremely unstable and will become oxidized and essentially useless within 24 hours of compounding. Any exposure to atmospheric oxygen quickly oxidizes GSH to GSSG. There has been limited use of compounded GSH in IV preparations and some in nebulized form. Widespread clinical use is not economically viable and results have been mixed.

We have developed a novel approach to stabilization of this tripeptide. We have patented a process of stabilizing the highly reactive sulfur group on the cysteine moiety of GSH within a carbon ring structure.

This keeps the GSH in its reduced, (active) form for extended periods of time. The harmless carbon ring is broken down by naturally occurring enzymes on the skin, allowing the reduced GSH to enter the skin unaltered.

The process we use to place the reduced GSH within the carbon ring structure is a novel approach which has not been available to the medical or scientific community until now.

There are no other comparable forms of stabilized GSH available and this process of stabilization will allow for unprecedented research and benefits to clinical medical practice, as well as numerous OTC uses.