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Q:  Why is it that this product should not be used by persons actively receiving radiation or certain types of chemo-therapy treatments?

A:  When being treated for certain types of cancer with ionizing radiation and/or some chemo-therapy drugs, it would be counterproductive to supplement glutathione. The reason being is that reduced glutathione, (GSH) is the most powerful antioxidant known.

The mechanism of ionizing radiation therapy and some chemotherapy treatments is using free radicals to destroy fast growing cancer cells. GSH is so protective to living cells that it may protect the cancerous cells that are being targeted by these treatments or render the chemo/radiation treatments inactive before they have done their job.


Q:  What is the recommended dose of RealGSH and is there a danger of using too much?

A:  The recommended dosage of RealGSH is 4 sprays applied topically, (approx. 1ml) twice daily. The topical effects seem to be optimal at this level of application.  

We have found this product to be safe in higher dosages but this is determined in a case by case basis.


Q:  What exactly is RealGSH?

A:   RealGSH is a simple tripeptide, (meaning that it consists of three amino acids). These are glutamate, glycine, and cysteine.

This tripeptide is encapsulated in a simple carbon sugar ring using a patented process. The cysteine portion of this compound is extremely reactive, (meaning that it will react with any free radical it encounters). If not stabilized it will react with atmospheric oxygen which will convert the reduced, (active) form of glutathione, (GSH), to its non-active form, (GSSG).

This compound is naturally produced endogenously (made within the body). Topical application of the RealGSH stabilized compound has been extensively tested for safety by an independent testing firm and by our group of physicians and pharmacists. No adverse effects have been observed or reported.

Our source of Glutathione is all-natural and plant based.


Q:  Why is there a sulfur smell when I apply RealGSH?

A:  The reduced glutathione in RealGSH is encapsulated in a harmless carbon ring structure. This keeps the glutathione in its reduced form (GSH). When applied to the skin, naturally occurring enzymes on the skin break down the carbon ring and the GSH penetrates the dermal barrier in its reduced form. There is the inevitable oxidizing of a minute amount of the GSH which will be oxidized by atmospheric oxygen to GSSG, (oxidized GSH). The RealGSH dries quickly and leaves a thin dry film on the skin which protects the remaining glutathione from oxidation.


Q:  Is glutathione FDA approved?

A:  Glutathione is considered GRAS (generally regarded as safe) by the FDA.


Q:  Where can I learn more about GSH?

A:  There are over 86,000 published articles in the medical literature. If you don’t want to wade through that swamp, we are soon to publish a book on the subject. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at realgsh@live.com 

Q: It has been asked by several customers if it is normal to lose weight after         

    starting RealGSH.

A:  Most people lose 7 or 8 pounds during the first month after starting 

      RealGSH. Unfortunately the weight loss seems to stop at 4-6 weeks into the applications. The mechanism causing their weight loss is unclear and may be a combination of many mechanisms. It may be that people feel better and become more active. This does not apply to all individuals, but this weight loss occurs in the vast majority of users.