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Customer Reviews

  1. Shingles diminishing in 3 days 

    Posted by Texas girl on 7th Aug 2013

    Awesome product with removing free radicals in the body. After using the Real GSH for 3 days the shingles were scabbing and going away. Amazing! It would be great if every MD heard about this and then shared it with their patients. I carry my little bottle with me so I can share the amazing product with others.

  2. Keeps me at the top of my game 

    Posted by Robert on 15th Jul 2013

    I have used this product for quite some time. This product is amazing in its ability to improve my thought process and mental acuity.

  3. I feel good 

    Posted by Wylie on 5th Jun 2013

    The first supplement I have used that gave me an immediate effect. The feeling can best be explained as a "glow." I have also been losing weight, is this expected?

  4. The real Physcians GHS 

    Posted by Patty Ballard on 15th Apr 2013

    I split my thumb nail over 20 years ago working on an orthodontic patient and have never gotten anything to stop the splitting as it reached the edge of my nail;long story short I have sprayed it twice and it is almost healed!!! As I said earlier,I will never be without this product.

  5. 2 Sprays A Day 

    Posted by Patty Ballard on 15th Apr 2013

    I saw the memo to spray 2x's a day and on inner thighes as well as all the other places I use it. My colon has been releasing at an amazing rate.My knees are moving better since my surgery in '08 and my skin is doing awesome.I use on any bump,sore or open area that I see.I bought three and am going to order another 3 soon. I was exposed to mercury and I think the detoxing is working rapidly for that as well.I will not be without it.The smell did improve in the new change.

    6.  Amazing healing power when toxic overload! 

    Product: Glutathione - Regular Formulation 
    Posted By: SUsie Pike
    Purchased this from Dr. Purser last Feb. Husband had an amoeba in his knee joint. Used Young Living oils and he was detoxing too quickly. Used REALGSH and his open sores healed within 3 days! Amazing! Thanks Dan!!!!