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What is RealGSH?

is a new topical supplement formulated to raise your antioxidant levels with a chemical called Glutathione.

Reduced Glutathione (GSH) is a powerful antioxidative thiol tripeptide that protects your cells from free radical damage.
In the past, GSH supplements made for ingestion have faced a dilemma:  GSH cannot be taken by mouth because it will simply be digested like any other collection of amino acids.
GSH is highly reactive and will oxidize when exposed to atmospheric oxygen. The brilliant minds that stabilized RealSH  topical gel have solved this problem. 
RealGSH has taken a novel approach to solving the instability problem. Each molecule of RealGSH is protected from air exposure by a sugar carbon ring. This harmless ring structure is broken down by the naturally occurring enzymes on your skin, allowing for maximum GSH absorption while minimizing exposure to the air.
RealGSH is an all-natural product. The glutathione used in this formulation is plant-based and is bioidentical to the glutathione your body makes naturally.
It has been tested extensively for safety and efficacy and will remain stable (in its reduced form for at least 24 months).